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  • An Electropolishing Plant - Anokap (Thailand) Services
    Stainless Steel Services

    Anokap Services Anokap offers a wide range of services, for an even wider range of industries throughout the globe. Surface treatment of Stainless Steel, other metals and alloys Polishing and finishing of stainless steel (Electropolishing) read more » Degreasing stainless surfaces Cleaning, chemical cleaning and electro-chemical cleaning of stainless surfaces Cleaning according to Ultra Clean […]

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  • Electropolishing - The process to achieve ultra clean surfaces for surgical,medical and pharmaceutical applications

    Electropolishing Electropolishing Downloads Downloads: Electropolishing Plant & Equipment Downloads: Electropolishing Chemistry   Electropolishing is the ultimate process in the surface finishing of stainless steel and produces a superior finish with unique properties. The process is carried out by immersion in a tank with an electrolyte and a rectifier. Having the opposite effect of electroplating, the […]

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  • Electropolishing, Cleaning, Degreasing » Stainless Steel Surfaces | Anokap Solutions Thailand
    Cleaning & Degreasing

    Cleaning & Degreasing Stainless Steel, Aluminium and other metals & alloys Cleaning and Degreasing Downloads Whether destined for another surface finishing process or going for dispatch, all fabrications and components should be thoroughly cleaned after manufacture. Sometimes it is necessary to clean assemblies in between manufacturing steps to ensure contamination is not an issue. This […]

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  • Sanitation, Sterilizing, Disinfecting and Maintaining Stainless Steel Surfaces | Anokap Solutions Thailand
    Sanitation & Maintenance

    Sanitation & Disinfecting Stainless Surfaces Sanitation and Maintenance Downloads We are under constant attack from bugs causing diseases to young and old. Hospitals and public areas are well known to be ideal sites for these pyrogens to grow and fester. Some bacteria are known to be resistant to common antibiotics, this makes the task of […]

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  • Pickling and Descaling | Anokap Solutions Thailand
    Pickling & Descaling

    Pickling & Descaling Pickling and Descaling Downloads   The thermal oxides from any heat treatment process and welding are mainly, iron oxides of various states. They will readily corrode and in almost every application, will contaminate product material with which they contact. The removal of these oxides is paramount in order to maintain the surface […]

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  • Passivated handrails in a maritime environment benefit from increased protection and corrosion resistance
    Passivating & Desmuting

    Passivation Passivating & Desmuting Downloads To ensure a fabrication or components corrosion resistance is optimized prior to delivery, it should undergo a passivation stage. Thorough pre-cleaning is essential to ensure grease, soil and scale to not inhibit the natural materials ability to form the inert passive layer. Traditionally carried out with corrosive high oxidising agents, […]

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  • Onsite Services & Consulting
    Onsite Services

    The Fundamentals of Site Work The key aspects and fundamentals to site works and services lies in the preparation ,organization, documentation and communication from start to finish, ensuring that all levels of the work force and site representation understand both the requirements and the methods in which the controlled procedures are to be carried out. […]

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  • Key Staff & Resources

    Key Staff & Resources The unique Anokap approach Anokap key staff are considered to be an assets and the backbone from which we operate through a local team,in Asia and a Service contract team strategically place locally and in Europe. On relocating our operation in early 2009, Anokap have since expanded our offices, built a […]

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  • About Anokap Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    Anokap Solutions Company Limited was formed in 2006 in Asia to meet the demands of a diversified market. Offering a wide range of products and services has been achieved through coordination of a network of valued partners and associates extending initially throughout Asia, the United Kingdom, Europe and America. Anokap has now earned the informal […]

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  • TIG Welding - Weld Cleaning - Nitty Gritty TIG Clinox
    Nitty Gritty TIG Clinox

    Nitty Gritty TIG CLINOX (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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  • MIG Clinox - MIG Welding - MIG Weld Cleaner - Anokap Thailand
    Nitty Gritty MIG Clinox

    Nitty Gritty MIG CLINOX (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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  • Nitty Gritty Easy Mark | Welding and Weld Clean Products Thailand | Products for Stainless Steel Surfaces
    Nitty Gritty Easy Mark

    Nitty Gritty Easy Mark (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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  • Nitty Gritty Easy Test | Weld Cleaning and Stainless Steel Products | Anokap Thailand
    Nitty Gritty Easy Test

    Nitty Gritty Easy Test (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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  • Nitty Gritty Jet Clinox Spray - Weld Cleaning Products Available from Anokap Thailand
    Nitty Gritty JET Clinox Spray

    Nitty Gritty JET CLINOX SPRAY (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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  • Nitty Gritty Easy Passivation Tester- Anokap Thailand
    Easy Passivation Tester

    by Nitty Gritty (available from Anokap Thailand) Nitty Gritty Easy Passivation Tester (available from Anokap Thailand) from Anokap on Vimeo. Orders or inquiries: Contact us »

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